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Answer key of LICE for TT held on 22/10/17
LICE for JE 50% quota(Exam on 28/1/18,registration from 15/11/17)
LICE for promotion to TT on 08/09/2019
LICE JAO 10% quota(Exam on 28/8/16,registration from 10/7/16)
LICE for JTO(T) 50% Int. quota (Exam on 28/8/16,registration from 10/7/16)
Recruitment of J.E.(Ext.candidate),Exam on 25/9/16,registration from 10/7/16
Information for DPC to he held in Oct 16 for IDA pay upgradation of executives
JAO LICE 40% internal quota on 17/07/16( Registration from 15/03/16)
Verification of online Application form of LICE to JTO(T) held on 22/05/2016
LICE for JTO(T) under 50% internal quota on 22/05/2016(Starting date of Online Registration on 15/03/2016)
Final Key for JTO(SRD) exam held on 23.11.2014
Answer Key for PA exam held on 07/06/2015
Result of LICE for PA held on 07/06/2015
SRD for PWD candidates for JTO(T)/JTO(C)/JAO , Exam on 20/12/2015, click for details
Advertisement for Engagement of Apprentice Trainess in BSNL
Cancellation of Apprentice exam due to technical reasons
Answer Key of LDCE for Promotion to TTA under 50% quota held on 07/06/2015
Declaration of result for JTO SRD exam held on 23.11.2014
Declaration of result of LICE for promotion to PS from PA exam held on 30.11.2014
LDCE for promotion to TTA under 50% quota to be held on 07.06.2015
Recruitment of JAO in BSNL last date for online application is 31.12.2014
Provisional Answer Key for JTO(T) SRD exam held on 23.11.2014
Declaration of provisional result of LDCE for promotion to Telecom mechanic cadre for RY 2013 held on 28.09.2014

Provisional Result of LDCE for promotion to TTA held on 17.08.2014
Time bound promotion SDE to DE & AGM Look on
Time bound promotion E1 to E2(revised)
Time bound promotion E1 to E2
Time bound promotion E2 to E3
Look on promotion JTO to SDE
Promotion and posting of TTA to JTO(T)
LICE for Promotion from PA to PS(under 33% quota) exam on : 30-11-14 , Last date : 09-10-14
Provisional Eligibility List for LDCE for TM exam on 28-09-14
Provisional Answer Key of LDCE for TM held on 28-09-14
 LICE for JHT on 9-11-14, last date : 22-09-14
►  Direct Recruitment of JTO under SRD for Persons with Disabilities for PWD(HI) ,exam : 23-11-14 , last date: 05-09-14
► Final Ans Key forJTO(T) exam held on 02-06-2013
Result of JTO(T) for vacancy years 2001-02 to 2012-13 held on 02-06-2013    
Waiting list of Direct Recruit TTA for RY 2012 held on 14/07/2013
 Result of Direct Recruit TTA for RY 2012 held on 14/07/2013
Time Bound Promotion from E1-E2(Revised)
Lateral Promotion E1-E2 & E2-E3
Time bound Promotion from E3-E4
Time bound Promotion From E1-E2
Time bound Promotion from E2-E3
Promotion and posting order of JTO to SDE under 33% Quota LDCE
Answer Key of LICE for promotion to JTO under 35% & 15% quota held on 02.06.2013
Direct Recruitment of TTA 2012 in Jharkhand Telecom Circle (Exam date 14.07.2013
JAO ICE against 10% from Sr. Accountant/Jr. Accountant (last date : 29/06/2013)
List of eligible candidate for DR TTA-2012 exam shedule to be on 14.07.2013
LICE for TM under 50% departmental Quota (11.08.2013)
Provisional ELigibility list for LICE for promotion to JTO(T) under 35% & 15% Quota
Voter List for 6th membership verification
Time bound IDA pay upgradation E1-E2
Time bound IDA pay upgradation E1-E2(revised)
Time bound IDA pay upgradation E2-E3
LDCE (40%) for promotion to the grade of TTA for FY 2011 (last date 19.04.2013)
LICE for promotion to the grade of JTO(T) under 35% & 15% quota for vacancy upto 31.03.2013
Result of TTA 2008 under 40% quota
LICE/Separate LICE for promotion to the grade of Personal Assistance in feild units of BSNL
JAO P-II Internal Competative Examination against 40% Quota (to be held on 17,18,19 Dec. 2012)
LICE for Promotion to the grade of Rajbhasa Adhikari (to be held on 02.12.2012
Recruitment of Jr. Hindi Translator against year 2012 through LICE (to be held on 18.11.2012)
Provisional Eeligibility List for LDCE cadre of TTA (under 40% Quota) for 2008
Vishisht Sanchar Seva Padak 2011 given to 7 officers/officials of BSNL by CGMT Jharkhand for outstanding work in their field for the last 3 years , click to see Merit Certifate
Result of Direct recuitment of JTO under SRD (Special Recuitment Drive ) for persons with disabilities ( Hearing Impaired) announce
All India Eligibility List of JTO(T) error and omissions regarding (last date 23.05.2012)
Filling up of vacanies against 10% quota in TTA cadre against rect. year 2009,2010,2011 (last date 13.01.2012)

Rule-8 transfer request cases pending in Jharkhand
Result for LICE for Rajbahasa Adhikari AO(OL)
Result of LICE for PS against 33% quota
Result for LICE for Jr. Hindi Translator
LDCE (40%quota) for promotion to the grade of TTA for Rect. Year 2008 (last date 17.12.11)